Jordan Bailey

Our October 2016 Spotlight Athlete of the Month is Jordan Bailey. Jordan is a 14-year old freshman at Broadmoor High School in Baton Rouge, LA. It’s not every day that a freshman running back gets to play on his high school varsity football team, but Jordan is no ordinary running back. At the age of 5, Jordan started playing football, running up and down the field. All his running paid off as he went on to win numerous MVP awards on his football teams. He played all positions: quarterback, tight end, wide receiver, middle linebacker, outside linebacker, nose guard and defensive end. But it was the running back position were Jordan excelled beyond imagination. At the age of 13, Jordan recalls playing for the Pointe Coupee Hurricanes and scoring five touchdowns in one game. It was at that moment when Jordan, and everyone around him, knew that he had something special. So when you see #1 under those Friday night lights, know that you are looking at a talented, young athlete ready to make his mark on the field. And when we asked Jordan why he wore #1, he stated because he has the “#1 MOM IN THE WORLD!” We, at Top Choice Athletics, are excited to have Jordan Bailey as our October spotlight athlete of the month. We wish him all the successes of his high school football career.

When asked about his favorite athlete, it’s no surprise that Jordan named Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson is an extremely gifted running back who, while in college at Oklahoma, set the NCAA freshman running record with 1,925 yards. While in the NFL, Peterson has continued to set records and stand out among his running back counterparts. He owes a lot of his successes to hard work, stating “I dedicate myself and work hard in the weight room and treat every practice as if it were a game.” Like Peterson, Jordan understands the value of hard work and knows that with dedication he can be the next Adrian Peterson. And Jordan has already started building his own running record and notoriety. Recently, Jordan was highlighted in his local paper for leading his Broadmoor Bucs to victory after rushing for 178 yards and four touchdowns. Very impressive for anyone, especially for a true freshman. Jordan’s high school goal is to rush/run for 2,800 yards during his 4 years of high school…and we can say he is well on his way. We wish Jordan Bailey all the luck as he continues to work hard on the football field, and we are excited to watch this young “Adrian Peterson” in the making.

When asked to give advice to younger athletes, Jordan had two perfect quotes to give… These are sayings that Jordan lives by and believes in.

Congratulations to Jordan Bailey, our October 2016 Spotlight Athlete of the Month!

Jordan Bailey

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