Jourdan Milton

Our May 2018 Spotlight Athlete is Jourdan Milton. Jourdan is an 18-year-old graduating senior from The Runnels School in Baton Rouge, LA.  In addition to being a 4.0 honor student, Jourdan is a competitive cheerleader. Over the past 9 years, she has attended numerous regional and national cheerleading competitions, and has won over 40 medals. She currently competes with the Louisiana Cheer Force in Baton Rouge, LA. Jourdan is a two-time all-American Cheerleader (London 2015 and Disney 2016), a 2014 National Champion with the Louisiana Cheer Force, and served as captain/co-captain of her high school’s varsity cheering squad her junior and senior year. Jourdan has also competed at the World’s Cheerleading Finals three times, where she has placed among the top 5 in the world.  This month, Jourdan will have her final appearance at Worlds and she is looking forward to finally taking home the gold.

Outside of her accomplishments through competitive cheering, Jourdan also excels in academics.  She has been a 4.0 honor roll student throughout primary and secondary education.  She has been named an AP Scholar and has received several academic medals, honors, and merits. Jourdan has been accepted into Baylor University to pursue a career in Medicine and is actively training for the Baylor University Cheerleading Squad. We, at Top Choice Athletics, can’t wait to watch Jourdan succeed as her determination and dedication will only continue to help her grow into a high performing athlete and future doctor. We are honored to celebrate and congratulate Jourdan Milton as our May 2018 Spotlight Athlete of the Month.

When asked about her favorite athletes, Jourdan named Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas.  Simone and Gabby are young women who have helped to inspire and motivate young gymnast around the globe. They are Olympic gold medalist and role models for all athletes, regardless of sport.

It’s no secret that the foundation for cheerleading is gymnastics. Before Jourdan began competitive cheering, she was first and foremost a gymnast. At the age of 9, with her gymnastics foundation laid, she developed a passion for competition. This passion ultimately led her to find a love for competitive cheerleading. Today, Jourdan practices four times a week, striving to grow stronger and more talented every day. She works towards perfection and always gives 100% in practice and in competitions. When not practicing or competing, Jourdan is an advocate for cheerleaders around the world. Competitive cheerleading is a demanding sport that is not often given the recognition it deserves from athletic associations. Jourdan hopes to one day see a change in this lack of recognition. Competitive cheerleaders are athletes too; working just as hard, and just a long as any other athlete. As a gymnast, a cheerleader, and an advocate, Jourdan is definitely an athlete with a voice, who will one day inspire and motivate young gymnast/cheerleaders as Simone and Gabby once did for her.

Jourdan is a great, fun-loving role model and has unique wisdom that many young adults don’t possess.  Her belief is that, “You never give up on yourself after failure because you learn and improve from those failures”. She has a quiet confidence about herself and is ready to take on the world. She is humble, kind, respectful, smart, and amazingly talented. She has a strong family bond and she knows she will always have their support. We, at Top Choice Athletics, could not be more excited for this young woman and her future. Congratulation, Jourdan, for being the young woman you are today and for being the young woman you will be in the future.

Congratulations to Jourdan Milton, our May 2018 Spotlight Athlete of the Month!


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