TC Petite Thermal Bottle


The TC Petite Thermal Water Bottle is the perfect way to carry your beverages while on the go. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold… This unique water bottle is made with a copper-plated inner wall, allowing it to maintain its internal temperature for over 24 hours (preventing heat from entering or exiting the bottle). Its stylish, milk bottle design, with many color options, makes it a great accessory with any outfit. It’s easy to carry and easy to throw in your bag. And don’t worry about spills… This water bottle is made with silicone, rubber twist top that aids in insulation as well as provide a leak-proof barrier. (Slide Product Images to see additional colors)

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Dimensions :

23.6 cm x 6.8 cm

500ml capacity




Yellow, Green, Pink, Tan, Teal, White

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