Spotlight Athletes

Celebrating Student Athletes

In addition to providing customized, sport’s equipment and apparel, Top Choice Athletics also embraces the opportunity to highlight the successes and accomplishments of today’s rising, athletic stars. These recognitions are done through our Spotlight Athlete of the Month series.

Throughout the year, Top Choice Athletics recognizes high school athletes who are excelling in both sports and academics. Our community relations team works with the athletes and their families to create a spotlight recognition article based on the athlete’s achievements and future goals. These articles are featured on our website and social media pages as a way to showcase the young athlete in a proud and positive light. Being a student athlete in high school is not always easy, and we want to recognize those student athletes who put in the hard work, never losing focus on what it means to be both a STUDENT and an ATHLETE.

Alvin Williams Scholarship Foundations

  • Top Choice Athletics is a proud partner of the Alvin Williams Foundation, which provides scholarships to students based on their academic achievements. The Alvin Williams Foundation supports our core values of giving back to our communities to ensure a brighter future for the next generation.


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