Shreya Shettigar

Our July 2016 Spotlight Athlete of the Month is Shreya Shettigar. Shreya is a 16 year old rising soccer star out of Troy, MI. She is currently studying in Pune, Maharashtra, India for her senior year of high school. Shreya began playing soccer at the age of 5, fell in love, and has been playing competitively ever since. While in the US, Shreya attended Troy Athens High School, where she was a valuable member of the school’s soccer team. Whether attacking the center or playing outside midfield, Shreya always made her presence known against her opponents. She has been recognized with numerous soccer accolades, such as being a member of the youth national soccer league, a finalist for the Olympic Development Program Regional Showcase, and a member of her former high school’s district and regional soccer championship teams. While in India, Shreya continues to develop her soccer skills by playing whenever she can, even if it means playing with the boy’s league. Congratulation, Shreya, on being chosen as Top Choice Athletics’ Spotlight Athlete of the Month!

Shreya has been playing sports for as long as she can remember; and that passion for sports and competition helped prepare her to become the true athlete she is today. Although her first love is soccer, Shreya’s move to India provided her the opportunity to test her skills in basketball. Her natural athletic abilities kicked in, and not only did Shreya become captain of the Mercedes-Benz International School basketball team, but she also lead the school to its first ISACI tournament championship in the school’s history of sports. This coming school year, Shreya plans to test her skills on the volleyball court. We know that in volleyball, Shreya will excel and we look forward to her bringing a second school championship home.

It’s no surprise that Shreya’s favorite athlete is Mia Hamm. As a two time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup winner, Mia Hamm is iconic to the world of women’s sports. She was once quoted to say “Failure happens all the time… What makes you better is how you react to it.” And Shreya understand this quote all too well, specifically during a regional finals rematch against an opponent that had delivered her team an embarrassing defeat earlier that year. Against all odds, in a packed stadium, Shreya and her teammates worked hard and played with heart to win the finals match. She described the match as “one of the most incredible games of my life” and the win as “absolutely beautiful.” After graduation, Shreya would love to play soccer on the collegiate level. Many universities have made her an offer, but she has not made a final decision. When choosing her future path, she wants to keep an open mind and take advantage of as many life experiences as possible. “So that when I find something that I am truly passionate about, I can welcome it with open arms.” -Shreya

When asked to give advice to younger athletes, Shreya offered an amazing insight to sports and life:

“When it comes to anything in life, the most important thing is to prioritize hard work and perseverance. One of my favorite quotes is “Today I do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” Whether you want to excel in the sport you love or the subject you admire, or anything else really, just make sure to devote all of your effort or else you are simply wasting time from your precious life. Also, I believe that failure is truly one of the most important aspects of life that sports can teach you. Learn to deal with failure and embrace adversity. That is how we athletes grow.” –Shreya Shettigar

Congratulations to Shreya Shettigar, our July 2016 Spotlight Athlete of the Month!

Shreya Shettigar

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