Skyler Goodwin

Our May 2017 Spotlight Athlete of the Month is 18-year-old Skyler Goodwin. Skyler is an all-star senior, basketball player at Parkview Baptist High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having started playing basketball at the age of three, Skyler fell in love with a sport that not only crafted her high school years, but will continue to influence her throughout college and beyond. Skyler has a work ethic, on and off the court, that is second to none. She practices every other day, determined to be better and stronger than the day before. And Skyler does not limit her practice to the school year, alone.  She also participates in AAU summer league basketball. For three years, she played with the “Lady Legions” in New Orleans, Louisiana, coached by Calvin Ursin. This past summer she played with “Louisiana’s Finest” (formerly “Baton Rouge Lady Tigers”), coached by OJ Fisher. Skyler’s hard work with the Lady Eagles basketball team, as well as with her summer league play, has earned her a spot on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns women’s basketball team for the 2017-2018 school year. And in addition to playing basketball at ULL, Skyler plans to study veterinary science, with the goal of graduating with a 4.0 gpa and attending veterinary school. Skyler is a very talented, and impressive young athlete with an amazing future ahead of her. We are honored to celebrate Skyler Goodwin as our May 2017 Spotlight Athlete of the Month.

When asked about her favorite athlete, there’s no surprise she named Lebron James. Like King James, Skyler has been honored with numerous awards throughout her basketball career. As point-guard for the Parkview Baptist Lady Eagles basketball team, Skyler was awarded second team all-district her freshman year; first team all-district and defensive MVP her sophomore year; first team all-district, all-district MVP, first team all-metro MVP, and Star of Stars her junior year; and all-district MVP, all-metro MVP, and all-state MVP her senior year. And also, like King James, Skyler has learned to tackle post-season basketball play with the grace of a professional. One of Skyler’s most memorial basketball moments was during the semifinals of the state championship her junior year. This was Lady Eagles’ first trip to the semifinals, and of course nerves were high. The Lady Eagles were on top, and Skyler had just been substituted out for a break. While watching from the bench, Skyler noticed the opposing teams slowly edging back into the game. It was at that time, Skyler reached out to her coach to put her back in the game, determined to stop the run. “Next thing I know, I’m on a fast break to our goal when I get an ‘and-1’”. That sequence lead to the momentum shift that allowed her Lady Eagles to coast back to victory. The Lady Eagles did not when the state title that year, but they did go on to win the state title her senior year. It was an amazing accomplishment for such a gifted athlete and team

When asked to give advice to younger athletes, Skyler gave simple words of wisdom that should be applied in every avenue of life: “Always do your best in everything you pursue”.  Nobody would ever doubt that Skyler does not always do her best. She sets goals and works hard. She’s ready to give 100% in everything she tries, which is why she will always be successful in life. And in addition to always doing her best, she also believes in giving back, and giving credit, to those who helped to nurture her into the person she is today. It takes a village to raise a child, and Skyler is tremendously grateful and appreciative for her support system who help mold her into the amazing young woman she is today. And we, at Top Choice Athletics, are proud to highlight such a beautiful, humble, and talented young athlete.

Congratulations to Skyler Goodwin, our May 2017 Top Choice Athletics’ Spotlight Athlete of the Month.


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